Need beautiful sleep and wake up to more energised mornings? We live in hurried life, sacrificing good sleep and in turn our health takes the downturn effects.

The Effects Of Sleep Loss

Sleep Loss and Health
Sleep loss may be associated with significant health problems, such as:

  • Depression:Several studies have shown that sleep loss isn’t just a result of mental health problems; it can be a significant risk for the development of depression.
  • Headaches: Headaches can interfere with sleep, but sleep loss can also provoke headaches.
  • Impaired Heart Functioning: People with disrupted sleep schedules, such as shift workers, may be more prone to cardiovascular problems.

Sleep Loss and Functioning
Sleep loss can impair our functioning in many ways. It can affect us at:

  • Work:People with sleep loss reported poor concentration, lower productivity, and poorer work quality. It has been estimated that lost productivity at work due to sleepiness at work may cost the economy as much as $100 billion annually.
  • School:Sleep loss can interfere with memory, logical reasoning, and concentration.
  • Home: By making us fatigued, irritable, or forgetful, sleep loss can lead to stress and strained relationships.

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Solution? Read below.

Sleep Mate Bio Velocity

You can restore balance and health by using the healing power of Sleep Mate Bio Velocity. These mattress pads specially made to meet your individual needs.  Bio Velocity helps correct frequency disharmony, neutralize harmful waves while strengthening positive waves that form a healthy aura in the organism. By influencing the energy flow, we can nourish the body with achieving optimal health, balance and enhance the overall activity of the body and mind. When you wake up, you feel more alert and energetic. In the long-term use, it is beneficial to the body where it can sustain our health, boost the immune system and also quality of life.

Clinical tests show that there is an increased energy level over a significant subject after using Sleep Mate BV

Bio Velocity Benefits

Relieve headaches, menstrual pain, stomach pain, get rid of muscle pain, relieve gastric pain, relieve back pain, help neck stiffness, relieve numbness.

1. Improve metabolism
2. Activate cell functions
3. Promote blood circulation
4. Enhance immune and improve the immune system
5. Increase the level of energy field
6. Stabilize mood, reduce stress and urge incontinence
7. Restore energy, improve and activate cells in the body
8. Enthusiastic and energetic
9. Enhance the natural healing ability of
10. Balance and harmonize physical functions
11. Relieve fatigue and pain
12. Stimulate and coordinate the autonomic nervous system
13. Promotes heart function
14. Promoting a healthy and quality sleep

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