KidZ Moments

A collection of memorable moments with the greatest gift from Allah SWT to us – Kyasatina, Kashfy and Kaiden. The out of this world conversations and antics – my wish for them to reflect on these with their kids one day, have a good laugh and see how goofy and silly they can be!!

Bang Chik: What snake wears bra?

Datok (frowning): Errr hemmm. (thinking n thinking)..errrr
Bang Chik: CoBRA!

And the next conversation

Bang Chik: What butt can talk?
Datok: Haa.what butt can talk?
Bang Chik : yup …give up???(tak sabar2 nak bagi answer)
Datok: Dunno lar
Bang Chik: Buttock!

Adohai…cucu siapa nie?!!!


Bang Chik: Yeay, tmrw cuti till Wed. I have 5 whole days with you.
Mama: Ohhh…you like to spend the whole day with me issit?
Bang Chik: Of coz, you’re always with Kaiden. I only get to be with you after school
Mama: Oh sayang…ok tomorrow we have whole day together. But I don’t think you’ll mind me. Your prefer the Minecraft than the Mom right?
Bang Chik: Words are sharper than the blades
Mama: Huh?
Bang Chik: You just hurt me…Dang! Gasping for air…_____________________________________________________________________

Fetching kids from their cousin’s place after almost two days not seeing them. Earlier Mama called them to ask them if they want to come home and they said no. So Mama was pretty upset!

Kakak: Can you read us a bedtime story?
Mama: You don’t want to come home just now and now you want me to read you a book? You’ve forgotten about me.
Bang Chik: How can you say that? You’re our mother. We’ll never forget you! You can’t read our mind.
A moment of silence. And then Bang Chik broke the silence
Bang Chik: If I ever forget you, then I forget that I existed. (and he sobbed)

Bravo Mama! Just the other day he reminded me about words shaper than blades and today he reminds me, no matter how upset we get, don’t just simply say thing to spike to other party. We don’t actually know how the other party feels. So no one wins when we do or say something just to spike them.


Kids conversation.Mama (with serious tone): Kakak, you must keep your solat everytime and on time. You understand?
Kakak: Yes.
Mama (with more serious tone): To be a strong person inside, you must keep your solat. That’s the foundation!
Kakak: Like make-up?
Mama: What?!
Kakak: You said foundation what…Breathe Mama, breathe…______________________________________________________________________

In the car, community message from Lite FM “open you heart to new family member – adopt a pet”Kakak (hinting) : Mama, I’m opening my heart, I’m opening my heart!
Mama (ditching) : What open what?
Kids (in joint force) : We want a pet, we want new family member…
Mama (reasoning): Okay, I’m not saying NO but I want to see efforts on your part first. That means being RESPONSIBLE, say the word and live the word! And if I have to repeat myself over and over about you need to…bla bla
Bang Chik (boring): Mama suddenly I have freezy in my brain..brain freeze!Keep breathing Mama..inhale, pause and exhale!


Kakak: My lab partner is not coming tmrw and we’re supposed to present our slides in pair. I don’t want to do alone. Can I skip school?
Mama: Sayang, when we have to do something, we do it even if we’re alone by ourselves. We can’t wait for people. Just brave it through and we will grow stronger.
Kakak: But I don’t think I can finish the slides by myself. It’s a lot of work.
Mama: Do your best what you can. Its your effort that’s important. I’m sure your teacher will be proud of you, even she doesn’t say out loud, she’ll be thinking in her mind “Kyasatina is such a responsible girl, she did her work on her own.”
Bang Chik: Wow Mama, you can read the teacher’s mind? Do you have bionic power?Seriously! Can’t I least make my point across for once? Breathe Mama, breathe


Mama: Do you want to study overseas?
Bang Chik (as usual with a quick reply): Nope.
Mama: Why not.
Bang Chik: Because I’ll miss you.
Mama (feeling warm and fuzzy): Owh sayang. Kakak, what about you? You want to study fashion in Paris?
Kakak no answer but shook her head.
Mama (with hope she’ll give the same answer): Why not? Paris is the city of fashion.
Kakak: Well they don’t teach people to tutup aurat!Good enough, I’ll take both answers with warm n fuzzy heart 



Kids on brutal honesty!Mama: So now you don’t want to be a paleontologist? Want do you want to be then? Bang chik: I want to be an accountant like you. Mama: I’m no longer an accountant. Bang chik: So what are you now? Oh wait, I know I know… you sell bra! (at this point Mama burst out at his excitement saying that!)Kakak : Bang Chik, Mama is a…an Entre…Entre… err how do you say that?Mama: Entrepreneur and Mama sells FIR corset okay.Bang Chik: Errr…dua dua pon anchik tak tau cakap!Mama: Oklar Bang Chik cakap jer lar Mama jual bra!When I reflect on this, I’m not at all shame about it despite my Management background dulu. It is a legitimate superbrand product. Kerja halal. Apart from giving me more time to have meaningful conversation like this with kids, thiz biz helped many other women improved their health, feeling more confident and the unimaginable income to support their dreams. Afterall I read being educated is not just to prepare you for the job market. It’s about gaining the knowledge and skills you need to seize opportunities—and that includes knowing when to walk away from something that makes you unhappy. And I did that 



Bang chik upset with his friends at school.

Mama: Sayang, you cannot control what others want to say or do to you but you can control how you want to respond to them. You can choose to be bitter or better.
Bang Chik: But I cannot tell my bra…
Kakak: Hah, what bra??!!
Bang Chik: Tuler Mama, you always sell bra, anchik nak cakap “brain” dah cakap “bra”

Eh eh, excuse it Mama’s fault pulak!


Kakak: I can’t wait for Teacher’s day so I can give present to Pn Safarina
Mama: She’s your favourite teacher ke?
Kakak: Yes, I like her sooooooo much. You know why?
Kakak: She reminds me soooooooooo much of you
Oh sooooo sweet… blum sempat Mama nak mellow
Kakak: She scolds like you!



Kids chat in the car, on the way back from school. Kids were thrill to hear bout our trip to Trengganu. I told them to be thankful for our continuous sustenance from Allah S.W.T and how lucky they are to be going for holz more frequent than when I was a kid. 1 minute into the lecture, then kakak cut me off.
Kakak: You keep telling us bout your stories, then what am I going to tell my kids?
Mama: What do you mean?
Kakak: Since we’re lucky, how am I going to remind my kids then?
Mama: errr
Kakak: I know! I’m going to remind them bout YOUR past!
Then Bang Chik cut off
Bang Chik:  Papa n mama make sure no work kay masa holz. Don’t even answer call, coz if you do, I’m going to nangis and golek2 atas lantai sampai toilet!
And the rest of the conversation was between kakak and bang Chik on the plans to golek2 sampai toilet and avoid the furnitures in between!
Aduhai…these kids, hilang tension Mama stuck in traffic!


Whilst cooking in the kitchen yesterday with kids, Bang Chik told me that people said to him boys don’t need to learn to cook coz men don’t cook. I asked him who said that and he replied, many people. Well Bang Chik, Mama is going to tell you just once and hope this stays with you for ferever – You need not listen to MANY people esp telling what you can do or cannot do senseless, just listen to your Mama coz I’m the one who’s gonna make sure you grow up to be a true gentleman!
While we were having this conversation, Kakak busy stirring the tom yam soup and Kaiden quietly sitting in the corner and happily cutting Kakak’s homework! Oh my goodness!


Bang chik first week school experience:
Bang Chik: Mama, my friends think I’m not a muslim coz my skin is bright..oh no wait, its white!
Mama: (laughed first)..then what did you tell them?
Bang Chik: I am a Muslim because I can speak Malay! I spoked Malay n they were shocked!
Hohoho.. mama kene explain ler what being a Muslim means:-) 


A conversation that took place in the car today between a 5 year old boy and his grandfather.Bang Chik: Wan, when I’m big, I want to be a paleontologist (with perfect pronunciation ok)Wan: What will I be?Bang Chik: Wan jadi atuk jer lar, Wan dah tua…Ouch!

——————————————————————————————————–Kid’s chat on law of attraction.

Mama: if we talk good things about people, then good things will come back to us. Now, if we talk bad things about people, then also bad things will come back to us.

Bang Chik: Yeay, I’m a magnet guy!

Wonders of a child’s mind. Kaiden just observed our jemaah routine. Then he went up to the sejadah and performed solat on his own. Siap bagi salam tahiyat akhir tue. (Note:20 months)

Watch video –> VIDEO0012


On ambition.Mama: What do you want to be when you grow up?Kakak: I want to be a Creative Director.Bang Chik: I don’t knowMama: Well, what do you like to do?Bang Chik: I like animals.Mama: You can be a Zoologist or Doctor AnimalKakak: Animal doctor lah!Bang Chik: Vet lahMama: Oklah smarty pants!


Bang Chik: Mama, did Empire blew up?Mama: Not like blew up, just an explosion.Bang Chik: Oh Nooooooo!Mama: Don’t worry sayang, no one died.Bang Chik: Not that, I miss Toys R Us!Mama: Masya Allah, I’ll  show you where the new Toys R Us is. Just go up this stairs, the first room on your right. Open the door, and there you go.. a whole room of toys just like Toys R Us!Bang Chik: I still miss the REAL Toys R Us 



Mama: If Papa were to be an animal, what animal he is?At one breath, spontaneously!Kakak: Gorilla!Bang Chik: TigerMama: Haha.. why?Kakak and Bang Chik : He’s fierce!Mama: Ok, what about Mama… what animal would I be?Kakak: A swan.. oh no wait, a deer!Bang Chik: A peacockMama: WhyKakak: Coz you’re smartBang Chik: and beautiful!Hoho…kembang Mama 


 Btw, guess we know now who’s the bad cop and the good cop.——————————————————————————————-

Kyasatina when she was 7 years old on choice of hubby!Kakak: Mama, can you pick a hubby for me?Mama: (Shocked!) What, now??!Kakak: No, when I’m bigger lah!Mama: Ok, sort of hubby who want me to pick?Without a moment of hesistation..Kakak: I want rich and handsome!Mama stunt, speechless.Moments later when retold to Papa, and his response..Papa: Good, she knows what she wants!Aiyaya.————————————————————————————————

On incentive and negotiationWhile outside with Bang ChikMama: Bang Chik, you have already have so many Ben 10 figurines but if you still want a new one, let’s cut a deal. For every book you read on your own I’ll give you RM10.Bang Chik: So how many book I need to read then?Mama: Three.Bang Chik: Ok can!The minute we got home, he told his sister about the deal. Expectedly, sister wants the same deal.Kakak: Mama, what about me?Mama: Ok same deal but since you’re an advance reader, your book needs to be more than 200 pages. Ok?Kakak: (Confidently) Can no problem, but if I finish the book with complete understanding and narrate back to you, will you give me extra RM5?Mama: Make that RM1!  (thinking: have I just trapped myself? Should have gone for higher bar!)———————————————————————————————————–Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk belajar seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Menahan sabar dan juga tawakuBacaan dengan Bang Chik
Mama: Tahu tak suri rumah tangga itu kerja apa?
Bang Chik: Kerja kat tangga!
Papa dari jauh : Suri rumah tangga tue Mamalah!
Oh owh sungguh tak membantu! Apa-apa pun, gelak dulu 

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