What I learnt in business, its true in parenting too. Last night Bang Chik was insisting to wait for me to tuck him in and stay with him by the bed. It was getting late, I haven’t shower, I’ve got to clean up the kitchen and so I just told him to go up strictly. No excuses, just go up. I knew he has the episodes he get mighty scared and refuse to be alone. We talked it before and last night I just brushed him off, no wanting to entertain his excuses. Then it dawned me an experience someone in business when through. She went through a trial time and was brushed off by her biz leader. Not wanting to understand her circumstances and just dismiss her circumstances as just excuses. As a mother I felt deeply for her and the pains she went through and the hurt caused being brushed off just like that. And so immediately dropped what I was doing and went to him. Tried to understand why he’s so scared. Asked him whether he sees things and he said no, just his imagination run wild (thank goodness…coz I wouldn’t know how to respond if he said there’s something behind me!).
The day I saw my first baby’s toes and lil feet, it was mixed of indescribable feelings – happy, blessed, anxious, scared). Everyday I prayed for guidance to be a good mom, carry His entrusted duty to me. Alhamdulillah, what I am doing now have helped a lot in my parenting skills too, including learning from my fellow moms. Allah put in my way people and remove some for the lessons in it.
With Kaiden praying maghrib with me just now, I am truly happy. Anxious still but definitely not scarred. His guidance is always there when we open our heart to Him. Alhamdulillah.
And to my fellow mumpreneurs, when we put Allah SWT in our nawaitu and action, family best interests for His blessings – no matter who brush us off. Its no big deal. Shake it off, move forward. Its their loss, not us because our hearts meant no harm to others. But for those who meant harm, wallahualam. May Allah SWT bless them.

To a beautiful life here and hereafter,

Jasmin Halim

Jo Johnston

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