A beautiful life does not just happen…It is built daily by Prayer, Humility, Sacrifice and Hard work….!  Productive Muslim

Like Harrison Ford once said, “We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be.

I left the corporate world for more than a year now. Though the move came unexpectedly (for PLAN A which failed, bless in disguise) coming out from the comfort zone no matter how stifling it can be was not an easy peasy decision. But once out, I may as well pursue my passion. This is my chance to do what really matters to me. How I want to live and end this life come to this point. So what now? I want to pursue my ultimate LIFE plan, but that takes time to build up the knowledge and capital. How can I do this with so many obligations now? Most of us are trapped, to do what we love versus doing what we need to do to fulfill our obligations.

I was at the crossroads of returning back to the corporate world due to our commitments and then this path was shown to me and to my delight, I’m loving every minute of my life now as a Mumpreneur. I took on the chance which I would never see myself doing it. For one, I am a proud introvert. I prefer books than mingling with people. It stressed me out that I need to talk and talk in the office and when I get back home; I just want to sit by the corner with a book. And I’m definitely not a seller. So how then, an introvert person like me who hate selling can be where I am now with over 100 business partners from all sorts of background and qualification? Simple, it’s a combination of strong company with superbrand products and top in the country business leaders! Oh yes, and its also because  to change our life for something better, we need to take a chance that’s worth pursuing.

This biz has open up many doors to me and my partners :

  • to be with my children whenever I want to, do homework with them, and be more involved in their projects and hobbies. Now, this biz gives me that chance.
  • to be able to provide the best education experience for my kids so they a have a good kick start in their professions. This biz gives me that savings money for my children
  • to earn an income but I also want to have another baby. Going back to corporate would not be a good biological decision for me. Age is catching up. This biz allows me the flexible time should I get pregnant later. Plus wearing PB has restored my health and keep me fit for the next pregnancy, insya Allah.
  • to provide the best nutritious home cook every day. This biz gives me the time to cook for my family and money to buy organic food. Not to mention I get to practice my culinary skills and watch the celebrity chef do their thing in Food Network channel whenever I like.
  • to be healthy and fit to provide the best care for my lovelies. And the bonus, look good for my partner!
  • to set and expand my income whenever I need too like maybe getting my mom a nice present for her birthday. Instead of hoping for bonus, I can work the month before to get that money with this biz. In corporate, no matter how hard I work for the month, the take home salary is the same as previous months and months to come! (Note the plural word month – yep all it takes is a month to get that LV or even Channel handbag!)
  • to go holidays and not worry about budget. Insyallah, this biz gives me that opportunity.
  • to have library of books. I simply love books and I wished I have a collection of children’s book like Esma. Insyallah, now I can buy books anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
  • to be closer to my Creator – Allah s.w.t. Insyallah, with this biz I have more time to take up classes and perform my religious obligations.
  • to have sufficient capital to initiate a community/education programme. And guess what – after various feasibility studies – this biz will give me the fastest income growth and savings that I need.
  • and to lead a beautiful life with my loved ones here and hereafter. Amen.

If this is the life you’re looking for too,  just drop me some words at

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
– Mark Victor Hansen

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