The biz team under EAGLE leadership – TOP LEADERS CIRCLE is established since April 2011 with partners from multiple backgrounds – professionals and non professionals stand together and growing from strength to strength. In just over 8 month period, we have achieved more than RM1 million sales and by a year, RM2 million sales! And to think that majority of us are clueless (and even dislike!) about sales in the beginning, in fact hopeless in selling but with the right platform and strong support- award winning company, superbrand product and top in the biz mentors – anyone and everyone can do business. The income and benefits are simply tremendous!

Our achievements to date:

1) Wrist watch for group sales RM100,000 in a month – Lily Halim, Azlinda Salleh, Azween Zakaria, Hazelin Shamsuddin, Fariza Abdullah

2) Holiday package to Holland and Belgium – 3 qualifiers.

3) Car Fund – Lily Halim, Azlinda Salleh, Azween Zakaria, Hazelin Shamsuddin

4) Holiday package to Vietnam – 7 qualifiers!

5) Holiday package to Guangzhou – 11 qualifiers.

6) Pen Award for Double Diamond Manager – Lily Halim, Hazelin Shamsuddin

7) Crown Diamond Manager – Lily Halim


And more to come! Watch out for this space, your name is NEXT in our leader’s list! 

Jo Johnston

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