Premium Beautiful Next Top Model 2012 Contest

Calling out for all women, any age, any shape! Here’s a chance to jazz up your life 


It doesn’t matter how old you are – single, mother of one,three or five, we’re looking for the next Premium Beautiful top model! Watch our video message from CDM Salha Zain (click here too!).

1) Open to ALL WOMEN, age 18 and above.
2) Just share the Premium Beautiful with friend and families, by recommending them for free trials and consultation with us.
3) With 10 successful (sold) recommendations of Premium Beautiful to families and friends, winner will be awarded with a personal photography session with Malaysian top photographer like our very own CDM Salha Zain and CDM Jasmin Halim (yes me!)

4) Closing Date: 31 August 2012

Tips – who to recommend? Any friends and families, any age and shape esp those with health issues – back pain – slip disc, scoliosis, period pain, infertile, cyst, fibroid, weight/shape, eczema, sinus, post natal, white discharge, lethargic etc.

For more details,

Jasmin Halim 013 342 2525.

Jo Johnston

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