What is it?

Premium Beautiful, the only superbrand status corset with Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Every PB thread is weaved with bio ceramics which produces FIR. The benefits of FIR among others:

  • Detoxification
  • Aids fat loss
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Expels unnecessary waste
  • Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys
  • Helps heal skin disorders
  • Reduction in emotional maladies such as anxiety and depression
  • Relief from acute and chronic illnesses
  • Aids in elimination of heavy metals, poisons & carcinogenic material from our bodies
  • Reduces lactic acids & free fatty acids.

The immediate shaping you get when you’re with PB! But that’s no all, over time you body will follow the shape even when you take it off!

Who is it for?

Any Women, Any Age and Shape! In fact Waist nipper is also recommended for men with tummy and back pain issues

PB is highly recommended for:

SLIP DISC/ back pain -Premium Beautiful certified by AMERICAN, CANADIAN and QUEBEC chiropractic Association. Premium Beautiful consist of 7 memory wires that helps to support your back bone

Bad posture– ensures the body is in correct posture, no matter what you do. Movement is not restricted, so you can just do everything like usual.

Cyst/fibroid– it helps to reduce the size of fibroid or cyst

Constipation – it increases your metabolism, hence makes defecation easier

Pro to Breast feed mom – may help to increase milk production. The F.I.R. will penetrates deep within the soft tissues of the breast area, helping to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and most importantly enhance the lymphatic drainage process. Not only that, F.I.R. will actually stimulate and speeds up the circulation in the breast.

Weight loss – it helps to re-shape and re-distribute fats especially at tummy, butts, breasts and thigh areas. It also helps to restrict food intake. No worries! You will feel full and energetic after eating a small portion of meal.


Irregular Period flow

Menstrual cramps

Sagging Breasts/buttocks

Reduce cellulite


For more info on this product, email and I’m happy to share more and other essential information as provided by our medical practitioners.

How much is it?

From time to time we have promotional rebates. Contact us for details.

Payment methods – cash, credit card, paypal. Installaments available upon consultation.

EMAIL :, CALL: 013 342 2525

Jo Johnston

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