What is beautiful to you? Top of the mind, most think of physical traits of beauty. We all love looking at beautiful people and things, don’t we? That’s only natural for us, human. However we look at it,  to me, it only means something if it comes within us. How we feel about it, about ourself. Beauty is the eye of beholder. Question is, how do we about ourself then?


Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for every being that Allah S.W.T has bestowed on me. I wouldn’t change anything, no surgery, no alteration what so ever. Ageing, however,  is inevitable. And that comes with many heatlh issues and concerns. I, myself has experienced the effect leading to a miscarriage and near miss with my third. Not too mention, slowed metabolism rate post third delivery. So when a friend recommended a solution, I looked no further. Now, I am a happy user, after improved health overall and of course, getting back to (pre marital) shape was the big bonus I say! Its through this overwhelming health turnaround experience that I shared with countless families and friends,  I have found an inner peace with life, having good health and time with loved ones whilst pursuing my passion. Now if I have found this happiness in life, its only selfish not to share with others. So read on 

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