Does Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie affect blood circulation and health? Would it cause any changes in body contour?                                                              No, this is because Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie is made from natural fiber, nylon, tetron and lycra manufactured by the latest technology according to ergonomic design. The (Far Infrared Ray) promote blood circulation and metabolism, whereas the sweat absorption materials help the ventilation, hydrophilic and no heat trapping. Therefore Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie does not affect health and blood circulation, on the other hand, it reshapes and sculpts body contour.

Does Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie trap heat?                                  Premium Beautiful Foundatin Lingeries is made from natural fibres, nylon, tetron and lycra manufactured by the latest technology for great efficiency on sweat absorption and ventilation. Thereforre it is comfortable to be worn during hot weather for perfect body contour reshaping.

When is the appropriate time to do measurement if I want to wear it postpartum? It is recommended to do measurement at the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy! This is because postpartum body shape is similar to the minimal measurement error! It more than 8 months, then you should take the measurements after 3 days of delivery!           In addition, you can only wear postpartum girdle after 7-10 days for natural birth, but it has to be worn depending on recovery conditions for C-section women, which is usually after 10-14 days. The best slimming period for postpartum women is within 6 months, but it can give better effects if worn earlier for not only slimming but also reposition of organ and uterus.

How long it takes Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie to show the effects?Wearing reshaping lingerie is natural adjustment process which needs persistence. It usually shows the effects directly after wearing but needs 1-6 months for shaping depends on body conditions. On the first month, fat is being moved and repositioned after 3 months. Shaped contour is usually done after 6 months. While wearing Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie, you may feel discomfort and tightness on the first 1-15 days. This is an adaptation period, you will feel comfortable if you keep on wearing!

Does Premium Beautiful Foundation Brassiere prevent sagging or outward breasts?                                                                                                                 Sagging breasts are commonly seen in postpartum women due to lack of elasticity on breasts and waist muscle. Premium Beautiful Foundation Brassiere uses 3-piece three dimensional cup design together with frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness design to completely lift, support and firm breasts as well as elevates breasts by flattening stomach to prevent sagging or outward breast.

Is Premium Beautiful Foundation Brassiere able to support full breasts without causing unpleasant shapes?                                                                                  Premium Beautiful Foundation Brassiere uses 3-piece dimensional design, memory steel wire, frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness design to support lift and firm breasts; therefore it supports completely full breasts.

Should I wear girdle and waist nipper as well if I am wearing Premium  Beautiful Foundation Long Brassiere?                                                                                      Premium Beauty Foundation Long Brassiere and Long Girdle are basic functional lingerie to give a sleek line on breasts, waist, stomach, buttocks and thighs; whereas waist nipper lifts full breasts, adjust the breasts and stomach contour as well as correct posture. If you are wearing tight fitting clothing, a complete set of Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie helps to sculpt and show a perfect and beautiful body line.

Jo Johnston

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