Here’s my story with Premium Beautiful.


The truth, I hate taking pictures after my third birth. Even with breastfeeding routine like my first two, it was still difficult to get back into shape. Yes, it was very vastly different and was totally out of shape  .  Teenage years and in 20s, I was blessed with high metabolism. I could eat a horse but still maintained my weight. But when I hit 3 series, one after another I began to notice – lower metabolism, back pain, lethargic, weight gain. But the thing that really got to me was the traumatic episodes- miscarriage, bleeding with my third pregnancy and almost lost the baby too. I never had any problems with my first two. The age is really catching up and I felt really out of step with my body.

Bear with me, I’m very shy to put this up but to show what PB does for me physically, then this picture shows it all. Look at before and after.


Picture on the left – My own mother mistook me for being pregnant again. Haissh  .  Levis size 32. Weight 60 kg.

Picture on the right – after wearing PB consistently daily for 8 hours.  But in this picture, I wasn’t wearing PB to show that the physical changes are real. Over time, the tummy has flattened. Levis size 28. Weight 54 kg. Noticeable period – after 1.5 months. Other plus factors – reduced stretch marks and cellulites, no back pain. I suffered sharp pain at my lowered back (lumbago) and even had to undergo physiotherapy and electromagnet treatments. I could never stand for long hours. Now, Alhamdulillah, I don’t feel the pain anymore even standing and walking for hours (I was roaming at the Big Bad Wolf sale for 7 hours straight!).


And below me with darling, fitting in back into my 11 years ago wedding kebaya  The satisfaction is priceless!

For other testimonials on back pain, fibroid, slip disc – visit  and contact Ija Abdullah on further details.

Customers testimonials –

Gradually noticing the weight loss, and surprising my body sort of ‘remembers’ the curve created by the PB set, the shape remains even without the set – Miss J.

I’ve lost 8 kgs! – Miss H.

I’ll definitely recommend PB to everyone – Miss C.

My sinus has improved, less depending on antihistamine – Miss V.


Our very own partners and customer’s testimonials – 3 conceived after secondary infertilities, 2 conceived after just a month on PB, scoliosis with lesser visits to chiroprator, improved back pain, sinus with lesser dependent on antihistamine, no longer period pain nor white discharge, weight loss up to more than 10kg, no bloated, improved body shape and curvy waistline, improved bustline and rear 

Of course, the spectacular testimonial is from Kak Ana herself.  Consistently with PB plus laccolite for four months – 98 kg to 55 kg!


 One thing for sure though, you can’t expect miracles to happen without self discipline and action. For one, consistent wear. I had tough time putting it on at first. When Salha asked me to wear girdle size 82, I had to like jump around and did the Red Indian dance just to pull it up and oh dear, it took me quite a while. But with determination to get into shape, I persevered and now I can even fit into size 76 easily  . Secondly, though I didn’t really exercise nor diet, but it’s still highly advisable to do so. Get into regular exercise routine and balanced diet for faster results and longer term health benefits.

Ok, that’s my story. Feel it. Wear it. Love it. Share it!

Jo Johnston

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