The bestseller aurhor Brendon Burchard  explains what a charged life is.

Living a charged life is about being engaged, energetic and enthusiastic. But first Brendon describes there are three types of lives – caged, comfy and charged! See which fits us at this point.

The Caged Life –

“Caged” people live in the past or in the expectations of others. Because they have let others dictate who they are and who they can be, they live in a tiny little box with no room to grow into anything larger. Symptoms like No one understands me” or “No one gives me a chance” as the caged person rarely actually tells anyone what they really want, this is common. To breakaway, either choose a new self-image, smashing the snap into line life you’ve been living or sometimes or life flips the cage on its side via divorce, death of someone close or perhaps even the loss of a secure job.

The Comfortable Life –

The comfy life is not as dire as the caged life, which can make it harder to transform into what we all want, the charged life. This is the person that has followed a good path to making money, starting a family and has, in society’s measure, lived a good life. The trouble comes when we look back at our life and ask ourselves if we are truly living the life we want. If we are making a difference and if this is really all there is to life.

The Charged Life – 

The person living a charged life asks themselves if they are living an inspiring life that inspires others.

Being charged is NOT being on cruise control and not being stuck in a rut of routine and boredom. People may view people living a charged life as “being lucky” but the reality is the charged person has the same type of obstacles and challenges but they CHOOSE to enjoy the journey and not over-dramatize all the little things that most people do.

7 Most Common Attributes of Chargers

  1. Chargers are open and observant in the moment. They are not “addicted to an outcome” and instead are flexible with how events unfold versus how they think they should be.
  2. They are future oriented. They see problems in the present as solvable and are always seeking to create a better future world.
  3. They are challenge seekers. They are fully aware there will be challenges and love to rise to the occasion.
  4. They are deeply interested in authentic, connected relationships. Chargers love people and ask a lot of questions to learn about people’s fears and dreams.
  5. Chargers are self-reliant. They march to their own drummers but do not feel compelled to make everyone around them happy if it means compromising their values.
  6. They are creatively driven. Chargers tend to choose jobs or opportunities where they can be creative and expressive.
  7. Chargers are meaning makers. They consciously choose to determine what things mean with a tendency to positively interpret both their struggles and successes.

Now, what instance in your life had you charged for a period of time and what would it be like to feel that way all the time?

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” – Walt Disney

Jo Johnston

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