If I may ask, what’s the difference between you and me?

If you think that the product Premium Beautiful is just another hype and you don’t need it, then we were the same too. I never depended on any supplement or garment as such to keep in shape.  I only believe that people just need to be disciplined with their diet and exercise regularly.

If you think the biz especially when it deals with network marketing is not for you, then we were the same too. I was never open to this as I am by nature a very private person with minimal social activities. The thought of having to network with people and what more the word selling turns me OFF. I strongly don’t like people to violate my privacy, hassle me to sign up and push me to do sales.

If you think there are only a certain people meant for it and you’re not cut out for this, then we were the same too. For the same reason as above, I thought that some people are born to do this because it’s in their nature to be friendly, be easily connected with others and exert influence i.e a sweet talker. Well, I’m not!

If you think the biz is beneath for qualified professionals, then we were the same too. I thought why would doctors, professional accountants or engineers be interested in doing this since they have status and are more respected in their professional fields.

If you have the fear to go out and do something you’re not accustomed to, fear to step out from the comfort zone, fear you may not have the strength to overcome the challenges in the biz, the fear of failing this miserably  and why of course  we were the same too. I had so many fears in me and even my other half concurred.

If you dislike social events, appearing on stage and being in the limelight, then guess what? We’re definitely the same. The idea of having to dress up, make up keep me sleepless at nights way before the event! I am all time back bencher, I am just happy at the back with the food! (note how plain I was on Diamond Nite!)

If you’re lazy to attend classes, no patience to sit in and hear lectures and what more product talks, then we can high five on that! We are the same. How else can I survive learning on my own for CPA and MBA without classes! I have low concentration span in class and yes, I love to be on my own most times. What a loner! (Not loser, please)

If we’re so alike, then what is the difference between you and me?


Simple. Despite all of the above, I took the FIRST step. The FIRST step to change my life for the better.  I listened what a friend and his wife had to say; whom I believed in their integrities.  The thing is about biz sharing from a friend, it’s good to invest in our time to listen and understand what they can share because it’s more likely to be something good for us too. I stopped making presumptions, make my own research, assessments and then make an informed decision.  Until you take that FIRST step to do something, you’ll be forever in status quo and unhappy. That’s all it is to follow in the steps of those successful in this or any biz – making the FIRST step.  And if you may ask why should you make that FIRST step? Well my dear friend, that answer lies in you and you only 

 “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Jo Johnston

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