Network marketing is a taboo word for those who think it’s about forcing people to sign up, push to buy and sell for the benefits of the uplines.  

Only the top makes the big cut. Well, I was once guilty of thinking like that too. Hence, I tried my best to stay away and I ran the minute I hear some network marketer wants to share something good with me! Not like I’m turned over all of the sudden, it was just that didn’t know better then till I heard it for myself and understood the biz plan and mechanism. When you have the RIGHT stuff, network marketing its not at all what it seems to be.  What is the RIGHT stuff?

The RIGHT company with solid performance and reputation

The RIGHT product with proven testimonials

The RIGHT biz plan, workable and founded by ethical principles

The RIGHT mentorship team with strongest leaders

But I learnt most importantly even when you put this all together; you may not thrive in the biz unless you have the RIGHT attitude! You don’t have to be:

A person who talks a lot (doers are more likely to succeed than just talkers)

A person who knows how to sell and convince others (believe it or not, the biz is NOT about selling but more of educating others)

A person who knows how to please others (no buttering skills required)

You need the RIGHT attitude that is the willingness to persevere, learn, act and refer to leaders and make self improvements throughout the journey in the biz. So when you rise to the top you really earned it as you evolved to be a true leader. And when you know the rewards being a biz leader, its puzzling if you refuse to have the RIGHT attitude!

This biz is founded based on fair and just principle. Anyone who put more efforts will get more, even more than the uplines. Will we ever get more salary than our bosses at work? Biz leaders will not rise unless she or he develops as many leaders as successors. Hence why mentorship and leadership skills are critical. As opposed to corporate world these are often under emphasized as no matter, everyone gets a fixed pay check. And if we think only the top gets big bucks, how is that different from the corporate world? How do you justify when average employee bonuses are only 2 months but the CEO alone gets 12 months!? He alone works and slogs for the company? Ask ourselves; can ANY of us be the CEO when we put all our efforts and mind into it plus the RIGHT ingredients as above? Yes to a small number but not to majority of us. Many variables come into force – the qualification, experience, and smart politics. In certain extent, the right gender and age!

Can ANY of us rise to top CDM rank in this biz having the RIGHT stuff as above? I dare say YES!

Jo Johnston

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