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Welcome to my virtual abode. Surf at your pleasue, thanks for visiting and do come again 

From a corporate accountant, now a happier mumpreneur – from boardroom to playroom I say! Passionate about early childhood education and books! Love to hear and share notes on raising kids in this era, financials, women health and beauty, and at times just ramble for fun! Everyday is a beautiful day, much to be thankful for Allah SWT has grace us with so many gifts in life. This blog follows my journey as a mom, homemaker, mumpreneur and many other roles a woman can take on in this century. I hope too to leave this behind for my children so they can understand what I do is always in their best interest.


I understand the frustrations in full time working moms, the stress having to squeeze in limited time to do many things and yet not able to spend much time with kids. I was there for 13 years and for the past 3 years I adjusted the sail to be a MUMPRENEUR / a working at home mom. Its been a beautiful journey since. I am a much better person now because I am a happier mom. Now, if you want to make that transition, I can help. I’ve been blessed to have help when I started. Its not easy going out alone to the unknown. Let’s get together like old girlfriends do (there’s a saying men need marriage to stay sane, and women need girlfriend to stay sane  ) – we chat over coffee and see how we can move to the next step of your own beautiful journey ❤️

I can be contacted at +6013 342 2525, sohobiz@jasminhalim.com


Let PASSion be our POWer today and the rest of our lives. Keep smiling 

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